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Volunteering at DASACC

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”

- Elizabeth Andrew

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with DASACC! DASACC works within our local communities to support survivors of interpersonal violence and to lead efforts in creating a Safer Warren County.

Our volunteers help us carry out our mission by providing an array of services including answering our 24/7 hotline, providing legal advocacy, educating our communities on interpersonal violence, and much more. Without the hard work and dedication of our passionate volunteers, DASACC would not be where we are today.

Volunteers are utilized throughout the agency for a variety of projects and services. Opportunities are typically split by direct client and non-direct client services.

Direct client services require attending our 60-hour victim counselor training. Non-direct client services require minimal training.

*All volunteer opportunities and training are currently remote due to COVID-19.*

Direct Client Service offers volunteers the opportunity to work directly with survivors. All these opportunities involve crisis intervention work.

Our direct client volunteer opportunities include:

24-hour helpline/hotline

Shelter helpline volunteers assist in answering the 24-hour helpline. These volunteers are trained to provide crisis intervention, advocacy, education, and practical assistance to survivors of domestic violence and/or sexual assault over the phone.

Court Advocates

Court advocate volunteers assist survivors who are seeking a temporary restraining order (TRO) and help survivors navigate the legal system.

Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT) Advocates & Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) Advocates

Response Team volunteers provide immediate crisis intervention to survivors of domestic violence and/or sexual assault. Volunteers meet with survivors at the hospital or local police stations and offer support, information, and advocacy.

Non-Direct Client Service volunteers do not work directly with survivors, but have the opportunity to interact with community members and donors.

Our non-direct client volunteer opportunities include:


Volunteers help us engage with donors and run fundraising campaigns or drives.

Event Planning

Volunteers help us to put on fundraising and community awareness events throughout the year in our Warren County communities.

Community Tabling Events

With the help of a staff member(s), volunteers help to raise awareness of DASACC’s free and confidential services by representing the agency at community events.

Social Media Ambassadors

The goal of the SMA program is to empower social media activists to start conversations about interpersonal violence prevention, create safer online spaces, and promote agency fundraising and community awareness events.

Hear from some of our volunteers on their experience with DASACC:

"With so many plans being cancelled or postponed, this is a good time to take a positive new direction... DASACC gave me just that opportunity. This organization welcomed my involvement, and I quickly realized it is built on support, appreciation, and a strong mission. All concerns are addressed in the training, and newcomers are encouraged to respond to the material. Everyone seems glad to be involved and grateful for each other's efforts. The mission motivates me because I have seen the outcome of domestic violence while serving on the rescue squad, and DASACC offers a solution. I look forward to an inspiring journey and to working with all of you!"

"The 60-hour volunteer training offered by DASACC is one of the best experiences I have had and has energized me even more to give back to my community wherever the need arises. During the training, you are able to meet and interact with various staff members. Each of them brings their own expertise and style to the training sessions. It is easy to see the passion and commitment each of them brings to their mission. It is not just a 'job' for them. It is their purpose - and that is clearly communicated in each and every training session... I know I speak on behalf of all those who have completed the volunteer training when I extend my sincere gratitude to the DASACC staff for their time and guidance during the training journey!”

“Being a volunteer is a humbling experience and being a DASACC volunteer has taught me so much. I have been a DASACC volunteer for a little over 3 years, completing the 60-hour training in the fall of 2017. I am certified to respond to any cases of IPV. In addition to being a Certified Confidential Advocate, I help the DASACC Team any way I can. Some of my favorite ways have been to support many of their fundraising events such as: Night at The Races, Oktoberfest, Holiday Shoppe, and NJCASA’s 5k. These events are not only fun, but also benefit DASACC and therefore are important to me. Volunteering for these fundraisers forces me to step outside of my comfort zone and grow as an individual and a volunteer. I still remember volunteering for the first time at Holiday Shoppe and seeing how grateful people were for the opportunity to be able to get gifts for their children. Seeing their gratitude and joy made me proud to be a volunteer and glad to be a part of the DASACC Team. One pivotal moment that stands out was when I was called out for my first DVRT intervention. I remember being afraid, but I knew I couldn’t be more afraid than the survivor was. Being a DASACC Volunteer has opened my eyes to interpersonal violence and so many things that I didn’t even know existed".

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering with DASACC, please contact Hailey Fritzsch, Senior Manager of Advocacy & Capacity Building, through email at or by phone at 908-453-4121 ext. 405.

If you or someone you know is being hurt, we can help. Call our 24/7 hotline/helpline at 908-453-4181.

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