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Resources for New Clients

New Client 

Document: Agency Confidentiality, Client’s Rights and Consent for Treatment (English)

Document: Agency Confidentiality, Client’s Rights and Consent for Treatment (Spanish)

Document: EMDR and TF-CBT Consent for Treatment

Dynamics of Abusive Relationships

Power and Control Wheel

Cycle of Violence

Restraining Order Information and Court Preparation

Restraining Order Protections
Consent Order vs. Restraining Order
How to Apply for a Temporary Restraining Order
How to Fill Out the Restraining Order
Court Hearing
Financial Support and Custody
After an FRO is Granted


Additional RO Concerns
You want to add information to the TRO before the final hearing 
Either you or the abuser don’t show up for court 
The Judge Denies the Final Restraining Order
The Abuser Violates the Restraining Order


Sexual Assault


What you can do if you are sexually assaulted
Activate DASACC’s Sexual Assault Response Team (SART)
Get a forensic exam done
How to File for a Temporary protection order (TPO)
Who can Apply for a Protective Order Under SASPA?
Why May a Survivor choose to obtain a Protective Orders
Title IX Resources


Safety Planning
Non-Emergency Preparation and Planning
Emergency Action Plan (when living with the abuser)
When a Violent Incident Occurs
Action Plan with a Restraining Order
Once You Leave
Safety planning AFTER making a DCP&P report


Frequently Used Numbers
Children’s Services
Legal/Victim Services
Mental Health Counseling
Food Banks
Batterers Intervention Program

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