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Who We Are

The Sustainers Society (TSS) consists of dedicated individuals who are committed to ensuring the sustainability of the Domestic Abuse & Sexual Assault Crisis Center. TSS was started by one person who will match each $1,000 yearly donation up to $15,000 this year! Our members help us generate a steady stream of support, so that we can fulfill our vision and mission more effectively and continue to serve survivors in our Warren County communities. 


All TSS membership fees support our various programs. Members, aka "Sustainers", may choose which program their membership fees go toward. Here is how your gift can impact survivors in our communities: ​

1. $1,000 ($84/month) will provide 8 families for one month of food and the necessary supplies while being sheltered at DASACC including food of their choice, health products, clothing, and school supplies. Over the last 18 months, DASACC is averaging 25 families per month with emergency shelter.

2. $1,000 ($84/month) will provide trauma-focused counseling for 1 child for 10 weeks because we know that we cannot erase the trauma of the violence, but we can help children process the trauma and learn healthy coping skills to move forward. 

3. 1,000 ($84/month) will provide 3 families' pets to stay in our kennels and receive proper medical attention, food, and shelter for three months. The kennels run full all year.

Membership Benefits

Annual Membership Fee: $1,000+ 

- 1 ticket A Night at the Races

- 30% off all events with special promo code

- Access to agency speaker engagements

- Annual member cocktail party with DASACC Board of Trustees

- Access to private Facebook group for members only

- Quarterly meetings

- Tour of our outreach offices and welcome kit

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