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Meet Our Staff & Board

The Staff and Board of DASACC are committed to providing the highest quality of services. 

We follow the NASW Code of Ethics, the American Counseling Association ethics, and hold Victim Counselor Privilege through the Violence Against Women Act.  

Jill Zinckgraf | Executive Director | she/her

Benedette Nnodimele | Finance Director | she/her

Jim Seng | Residential Director | he/him

Christen Oden | Residential Manager | she/her

Kelly Baker | Asst. Residential Manager | she/her


Brianna Dembiec | Clinical Services Senior Manager | she/her

Monika Connell | Associate Manager of Clinical Services | he/him

Hailey Fritzsch | Capacity Building & Advocacy Senior Manager | she/her

Hayyat Muheisen Legal Advocacy Program & DEI Manager | she/her

Courtney Riseborough | Program Manager of Vulnerable Populations | she/her

Cindy Sizemore | Community Education Coordinator | she/her

Sonia Ron | Bilingual Counselor & Community Outreach | she/her

Helene Zinckgraf | Director of Grants & Fund Raising | she/her

Dean Hickey | Sr. Manager Administration & Awareness | he/his





Lori Knerr, President 

Regan Bottomley, Vice-President

Sue Steinhardt, Secretary

Huma Hasan, Treasurer

Lisa Armstrong

Joyce Estey

Abby Christmann

Ethel Conry

Bailey Latacz

Scott Meshulam

James Sparkman

Sue Zwastetzky

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