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Press Release - Volunteers

Domestic Abuse & Sexual Assault Crisis Center of Warren County

Rochelle Ostenfeld, Crisis Response Manager

(908) 952-0178



Warren County Prosecutor’s Office and Warren County Police Departments join forces with

DASACC for automatic volunteer response to interpersonal violence, in Warren County.

The Warren County Police Departments will be reinforcing an automatic call out system to respond to the needs of victims of domestic and sexual violence.Volunteer Crisis Response Team Advocates are needed to help support these victims!Volunteer Advocates respond to local police departments as part of the Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT) and to local hospitals as part of the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART).These volunteers are specially trained community members who provide empathy and information to empower victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault to make informed decisions for themselves and their families. Volunteer Advocates can also assist victims to navigate the domestic violence court system and support victims via DASACC’s 24-hour hotline. In addition, DASACC offers services to support victims and their families, legal, therapeutic, financial and housing needs. To register for training to become a Crisis Response Team Advocate, please contact Rochelle Ostenfeld at Training

begins September 2022.

Warren County Prosecutor, James Pfeiffer states, “The Warren County Prosecutor’s Office is

pleased to continue our partnership with DASACC as we offer support and assistance to those crime victims most in need of help. Although the core functions of the Prosecutor’s Office are to investigate and prosecute crimes, another, often overlooked, function is assisting crime victims in navigating the criminal justice system during the most traumatic and challenging times of their lives. These vulnerable individuals are deserving of our continued support and guidance, which we perform hand-in-hand with our DASACC partners.

DASACC does an outstanding job of responding to the continuum of needs that victims of domestic violence and sexual assault experience. DASAAC Advocates respond to victims in crisis at police stations and local hospitals; assist with legal, therapeutic, financial, or housing needs; and are available to victims 24/7 via their hotline.”

The Warren County Prosecutor’s Office, Warren County Police Departments and New Jersey State Police encourage those interested in becoming a Volunteer Response Team Advocate to contact DASACC at rostenfeld@dasacc.organd become part of the team, as we fight domestic violence and sexual assault.

To volunteer with DASACC, please contact Rochelle Ostenfeld at and enact real change within your community!

DASACC’s mission to help, serve, and advocate for those impacted by interpersonal violence, to be proactive regarding its prevention, and to create positive change.

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