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DASACC's 5th Annual Holiday Shoppe

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

Each year, we open our doors to members of the community who need a little help during the holidays.

The Conference Room set up for the Shoppe

The Holiday shoppe is open to any member of the Warren County community that may need some help for the holidays.

I had no idea you do this! I was so worried about providing Christmas for my kids this year. Thank you! - 2018 Shopper

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Businesses, agencies, and individuals hosted drives throughout November and December for the Shoppe. DASACC also receives gifts from Toys for Tots. Families were able to pick out some toys, a board game, an art supply, and a hat, scarf, or mitten. We were open for a week and had morning, afternoon, evening and weekend hours available.

Every person who shops is screened for safety as well as homelessness. We try to connect shoppers with other resources if we are unable to help them. This year we referred shoppers to Norwescap, Family Guidance Center, and other agencies.

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