Social Media Ambassador Program

What is DASACC's Social Media Ambassador Program?

​The goal of DASACC's Social Media Ambassador (SMA) volunteer program is to empower social media activists to:

  • Support survivors

  • Start conversations about interpersonal violence prevention

  • Create safer online spaces

  • Promote agency fundraising and community awareness events

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Become an Ambassador

We are looking for virtual volunteers who are:

  • Passionate about media

  • Committed to DASACC's mission and promoting and creating safer spaces online

  • Active on at least one social media platform with at least 100 followers/friends

For additional information or questions, please contact Morgan Stiles, Social Media Coordinator, at

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Follow Our Social Media Ambassadors

Cindy Sizemore, DASACC SMA

Cindy Sizemore (she/her/hers)

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn

"I have been a volunteer with DASACC for 3 ½ years. Going through the training and becoming a volunteer was one of the best decisions I have ever made! The best part of volunteering has been getting to know the incredible staff and fellow volunteers at DASACC. Their knowledge, compassion and dedication has taught me so much about domestic violence, sexual assault and survivors."

Alayna Cotton, DASACC SMA

Alayna Cotton (she/her/hers)

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Alayna is from Asbury, NJ and recently graduated from West Virginia University as a Communication Studies major with a focus in Social Media and Technology and minor in Marketing.


"I am actively committed to being an ally and resource to ALL survivors of interpersonal and domestic violence in our community. I am passionate about DASACC and being a part of such an important team", said Alayna. 


Belvidere High School's SAFE Student Coalition

Instagram | Twitter

SAFE is a teen coalition that works in conjunction with DASACC and other Warren County High School students. Their primary goal is to raise awareness about interpersonal violence, address what responsive actions would benefit the needs of the students at BHS, and share prevention information.


The SAFE club supports DASACC's mission to develop a community where there is no acceptance or tolerance for domestic abuse, sexual assault, or any form of interpersonal violence. It is committed to fostering a culture of respect and dignity for all individuals.