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DASACC is Digitally Inclusive!

DASACC is committed to meeting the needs of survivors with disabilities. As an agency, we are continually working to address the gaps in services and removing barriers to domestic violence and sexual assault services for vulnerable communities. According to the Vera Institute of Justice, Center on Victimization and Safety, individuals with disabilities experience the highest rates of violent victimization compared to any other group, but are unlikely to receive supportive services to increase safety. Given that 25% of the population has a disability, DASACC is ensuring our website and information is more digitally inclusive to meet the needs of all.

Recite Me

DASACC is thrilled to announce that we now provide Recite Me web accessibility and a language support toolbar on our website to make it accessible and inclusive for as many people as possible. Anyone who visits our website can now customize their digital experience to suit their own needs and access our online information and services barrier-free.

It helps the one in four people in the US who have a disability, including those with conditions like sight loss, epilepsy, autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and more to access our website in the way that suits them best. It also meets the needs of the one in ten people who don’t speak English as their first language, by being able to translate our web content into over 100 different languages, including 35 text to speech voices.

How do I access the Recite Me toolbar?

You can open the Recite Me language and accessibility toolbar by clicking on the “Accessibility Tools” button, which is at the top of every page of our website. After you click on the button, the Recite Me toolbar opens and displays a range of different options for customizing how the website looks and how you can access the content.

How does Recite Me help me access this website?

Recite Me’s unique web accessibility toolbar removes barriers to accessing content and allows for adjustments to all elements on our website including text, graphics, language, and navigation.

The Recite Me toolbar has a unique range of functions. Some tools and functions include:

  • Have all text and content read aloud in a natural voice<