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Interpersonal Violence Prevention Coalition (IVPC)

IVPC Flyer.png

​DASACC’s Interpersonal Violence Prevention Coalition (IVPC) was originally created to assist in the development, implementation and evaluation of interpersonal violence prevention programs. IVPC’s mission was expanded in 2015 to broaden DASACC’s prevention efforts by mobilizing community partners to collaborate on the prevention and intervention of domestic and sexual violence.


The Coalition is made up of DASACC staff, community members and stakeholders, and representatives of schools/other implementation sites. Coalition members are encouraged to:

  • Help identify and contact populations that will benefit from DASACC’s programs/trainings

  • Raise awareness about and advocate for the media literacy and other prevention programs

  • Attend school and community presentations as program evaluators and agency ambassadors

  • Help identify and assist with challenges in outreach and implementation

  • Active members can form a subcommittee in an area of interest to meet monthly with staff

  • Raise awareness about DASACC and other victim prevention and intervention services

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